SQL代写:CS631 Online Hotel Reservation System



Phase 3 Deliverable must contain the goal of this phase of the project, and a description of the creation of the database schema and instance and of the application programs. It must also provide any revisions made to the specifications described in Phase 2 Deliverable. It must further describe the problems encountered in Phase 3 and justify the solutions.

  • The program must run
  • Make sure you have ample sample data in your tables so that you can sufficiently perform and illustrate - all required tasks.
  • You do not have to design a fancy interface.

Step 1

Run SQL commands for creating tables including primary keys, secondary keys and foreign keys. Run SQL command files that populate each table. Each table is required to have a sufficient number of tuples. Keep in mind the relationships between tables, and plan your data accordingly. You should be able to run these command files successfully with no errors and no integrity violations.

Step 2

You are to develop a menu driven application system for the Hulton chain of hotels database as described in the functional requirements.

What is expected

  1. Description of implementation, problems faced.
  2. Users guide (Less than 3 pages)
  3. The SQL commands that create your tables
  4. The SQL commands that populate your tables
  5. The source code.
  6. A printout of the use of the program.

If you miss a task mention which one. In this case if you have implemented a task with a similar functionality it helps (mention it).

You should demonstrate your project. Please reserve a time slot with the TA of the class to demonstrate your project. The demonstration has to be done on or before the deadline shown on the web page of the class.