JavaScript代写:CSE6242 D3 Graphs and Visualization





Part 1: Visualizing Data using D3


Create a scatter plot visualization with the provided data in the file Data.csv. According to the examples for scatter plot.
Attributes / features of the data:

  1. Speed of wind in km/h.
  2. Month of the year.
  3. The forest burnt area.

Any appropriate range for scale is allowed, and any appropriate size for squares is allowed. Submit Q1.pdf with a screenshot of this page.


According to data provided in the file Q2.csv, a bar chart visualization should be drawn. Your task requires to visualize the number of students in Q2.csv.
Transfer the data in Q2.csv to Q2_transfer.csv, you can use a Python script or Java program to archive this goal.


Now you knows a lot of features in D3 for graph visualization. This time you need to use D3 to draw a graph.

  1. Using labels for each node.
  2. All nodes can be pinned.
  3. Draw links with different color.
  4. Use tooltips when mouse over.

Part 2: Visualizing Statistics of Refugees in Europe


After Part1, this time you need to work on real data, and try to find out the appropriate data visualization technology.

  1. Your should transfer Q4.csv to Q4_transfer.csv, you can use a Python script or Java program to do this job.
  2. Use a table to show the relationship inside this dataset, you can draw any graph you like.
  3. Use D3 to visualize your data, you should use d3.slider library.

Part 3: Visualizing College Scorecard data


After Part2, this time you should find a real dataset, and use your data visualization technology to show it, good luck!