C#代写:CAB201 Yahtzee Part B



The Objective of Part B

The objective of Part B of the assignment is to code the methods and instance variables of the Form1 class. Below is the class diagram for that class. You must use the names for variables, methods and parameters as specified.

-dice : Array of Label
-scoreButtons : Array of Button
-scoreTotals : Array of Label
-checkBoxes : Array of CheckBox
-game : Game
+GetDice() : Array of Label
+GetScoresTotals() : Array of Label
+ShowPlayerName(string name)
+EnableScoreButton(ScoreType combo)
+DisableScoreButton(ScoreType combo)
+CheckCheckBox(int index)
+ShowMessage(string message)

The class diagram does not name the event handlers that will be required. Do not add event handlers to the code until told to do so.
The following section provides a brief description of the members of this class as specified by the above UML class diagram.

Where to start

First use the UML diagram to populate Form1.cs with the instance variables and method headings. Complete the body of all methods as described below. You should add constants to avoid the proliferation of magic numbers. Make sure that your code continues to compile without errors.

Instance variables

  • dice holds the labels representing the five dice.
  • scoreButtons is an array to hold the buttons for the scoring combinations. Though there are 13 buttons, this array should be declared with 16 elements to enable you to use the values of the enumeration ScoreType defined in Game.cs to access that button easily. Hover over the value Yahtzee in the enumeration to see why 16 is the “magic” number. Not all elements of this array will be used as some elements do not correspond to a scoring combination button.
  • scoreTotals is an array of the 19 labels which will show the score for each of the combinations and the various totals.
  • checkBoxes is an array to hold the checkboxes which activate/deactivate the dice.

game is the link to the current Game object so that the methods of that object can be called from Form1. Game.cs has the empty body of class Game. This class will be completely defined in Part C.


  • InitializeLabelsAndButtons method will put all the buttons, labels and checkboxes into the correct array so that the individual controls can be accessed easily.
  • GetDice will return the array representing the five dice.
  • GetScoreLabels will return an array representing all of the scores on the form.
  • ShowPlayerName will display the specified player’s name on the form.
  • EnableRollButton and DisableRollButton will enable or disable the “Click to roll dice” button
  • EnableCheckBoxes will allow the checkboxes to be checked, and DisableAndClearCheckBoxes will clear any ticks and disable all of the checkboxes.
  • EnableScoreButton and DisableScoreButton will enable or disable the specified button corresponding to the ScoreType parameter. ScoreType is an enumeration already defined in Game.cs. Do not change this enumeration in any way.
  • CheckCheckBox will “tick” the checkbox with the index in the array of checkboxes.
  • ShowMessage will display the supplied message on the message label.
  • ShowOKButton will display the OK button and make it available to be clicked. At the moment this button has not been placed onto the form. So for Part B the body of this method is empty.
  • StartNewGame will need to instantiate a new Game object. Initially the body of this method can be simply the following assignment:
game = new Game();

You may need to add a default constructor to the Game class so that your code compiles.