PHP代写:CS313 A Final Complete Website


作业给了几个可选的主题,不过选择A Site of your choosing肯定是灵活度最大的。

Learning Objectives

By the end of week 08 (which is the final week of class), you should have:

  • Integrated the knowledge you’ve acquired throughout this course to design, develop, and produce a website/project that demonstrates the knowledge, technology, and techniques you’ve explored and acquired throughout this course.
  • To be clear, this means a site that includes advanced techniques involving jQuery, PHP, mySQL, or a combination of them. This means a simple site that is only HTML and CSS, will not suffice.

Additionally a simple WordPress site with a jQuery-based plugin will also not suffice. You will be expected to author custom code to produce at least part of your website.


As a web developer you will be asked to do many different things. Some days – most days – you’re asked to develop a project based on sparse, fluctuating details. Other days you’re asked to spec out a system for a project that’s already half complete, and, oh yeah, 2 months behind schedule. And then sometimes, thankfully, you actually are asked to be part of a project right at the outset, where you’re afforded the luxury of hearing and helping flush out all the details that exist, and then picking a system that makes perfect sense for the project before it starts. Of course, to be honest, in all of those cases you’ll still need to find ways to be flexible and accommodate changes that will creep into the project, but thankfully, at least for this project, you are both the client and developer, so hopefully you’ll be able to manage those changes and work within the class-time we have left!


At this point, you should feel comfortable using the Web, YouTube,, and to find tutorials to help you as necessary. Of course, I’m happy to help with questions, and in your search, so please just let me know if you need help locating information and helpful tutorials based on whatever project you choose – but remember to be mindful of the fact that sometimes you need to use two or more tutorials to achieve a particular goal.


You will choose one of the following four items to work on as the “general theme” of your final project:

A Site to Educate

Your client is a non-profit organization called “GreenLush.” They are based out of Roslindale, MA, and have been together for 2.5 years. The impetus for the organization came when the city decided it was no longer going to be responsible for certain”green-space” areas; those would become the responsibility of the communities in which they were located. LushGreen formed to educate the public on how to plan and care for these spaces. Since then, the group has expanded their information to include topics like urban-gardening, water conservation, pollution, and vandalism. Their efforts focus on Roslindale, MA, but they have been getting some attention from the media and that has raised consciousness in other parts of Boston, and greater New England as a whole.
They want the website will help expand their reach, and they want to use it to educate people all over New England – maybe even further – in ways to care for their community and the planet in general. Their other expressed goal is to be sure their site “works” (i.e., displays well) on smartphones, because they are often outside and not at a computer. Note: you can substitute any town you’d like in-place of Roslindale, MA, but you are required to use the name “GreenLush.”

A Site to Entertain

Your client is actually a coalition of government and corporate sponsors who have asked you to design a kid’s magazine-style website. The sponsors have been clear that they are taking a hands-off approach until you present them with your ideas, so content is up to you, but will have a BIG impact on your proposal/site. You may center the content around movies and music, sports or science, for example, or you can make it a general interest magazine and include all of those topics. You can include games, articles, stories, poems, artwork, by kids, by adults, by you, anything is possible. What the sponsors do want is a bright, fun website that kids will want to return to again and again. Of course, they also want to see their (the sponsors’) names at the bottom of the site as well – not overtly, or persuasively, but certainly there. Their other expressed goal is that the site needs to be easy to maintain and update, because there will likely be an array of different people adding content.

A Site to Persuade

Your client is a microbrewery called “GiFi’s Best Brews.” The company is owned the Smith sisters, Gina and Fiona, who have just scraped up enough capital to get the business off the ground, and now they need distributers. In order for distributers to keep selling the product (and ordering more), they also need public awareness. The two
sisters also run a Restaurant/Pub (called “FiGi’s Brewhaus” – note the name order is reveresed) in Portsmouth, NH, and they’d like to use the site to advertise that, too. Their other expressed goal is to be sure that social media is included in this site.

  1. You can locate the Restaurant/Pub anywhere you’d like.
  2. You can make up the names of their new bottled beer(s), but the name of the restaurant and pub cannot be changed.
  3. You will not need to create fake social media accounts, but will need to include feeds from one or more social media sites, or related to restaurants and pubs.
  4. While this does include the elements of a Pub and beer I want to make it clear it’s a family-friendly establishment, so all media and content should be appropriate for a wide-range of individuals including your classmates.

A Site of your choosing

If you have another project in mind, I’m happy to hear what you have in mind. To be sure, it will need to be developed in a manner similar to those above, and likely even further, so I need to approve of the idea BEFORE you proceed to the next steps.