JavaScript代写:CS3016 JavaScript Application


To create a small JavaScript application around an API. You can access the test API at ““.


  • Use AJAX to call the API and retrieve the data needed.
  • Build it as a JavaScript single page app. Use a popular JavaScript framework (AngularJS, React or Ember) so we can see how you work with established design patterns.
  • On the main page, display the first 25 thumbnail images in a 5x5 grid.
  • When a user clicks on a thumbnail, pop up a modal that displays the full image (using url) and the title. In the modal, also allow the user to add a description (feel free to design the UX for this in whatever way you deem best). Whenever a description is added, persist it so that on refresh the description is still there (localStorage is fine).
  • Design of the application is completely up to you. Feel free to use a CSS framework like Bootstrap. This test is more to get a feel for your JavaScript knowledge than it is for your design skills.
  • The application should work on all modern browsers, 2 versions back. IE11 is the furthest IE you have to go back.
  • When we pull down the code, we should be able to get a local environment running just by using npm install && npm start (either use npm or have the command call another task runner such as gulp or grunt).


  • Provide a .zip, .tar or .tar.gz of your pre­built code. Structure is up to you.
  • Make sure to include package.json. Use engines so we know what version node to use.

Bonus points

  • Don’t use jQuery
  • Use ES2015 (include Babel)
  • Make it responsive
  • Add tests

Bonus items are absolutely not required. Plan on discussing your project with us, so we want you to do and use what you are most comfortable doing/using.


Q. Can I use any additional frameworks, libraries, etc?
A. Sure, as long as you can explain the reasoning behind why you chose what you chose