HTML代写:COMP125 Document Object Model

代写HTML作业,理解基本的Document Object Model,编写页面。


By finishing this lab assignment you will learn to:

  • Work with Document Object Model (DOM) document object
  • Use of document methods and properties
  • Apply CSS and JavaScript to make a DHTML page


Read the lecture note / chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and labs. This material provides the necessary information you need to complete the exercise.


  • This lab should be completed individually by all the students.
  • You will have to demonstrate your solution in a scheduled lab session and submitting the project through the assignment link on Blackboard (Dropbox). You must name your folder according to the following rule:

Example: smith_COMP125_Assignment3
Submit your folder including all the files (html, css and js) in a zip file named as (


  1. Use the below given HTML code that creates a table. Re-create this table using only
    JavaScript and the core DOM objects to generate the HTML.
  2. Add an element <tfoot></tfoot> to print a message “Car financing service is available”.
  3. Test your code in all browsers available to you to make sure it works in them. Hint: Comment each line as you write it to keep track of where you are in the tree structure, and create a new variable for every element on the page.
  4. Write JavaScript code to apply CSS rules for the followings:
    • Border as green solid thick
    • Table caption as “Car models 2017”
      Hint: JavaScript code to change the back ground color of the page = “blue”;
  5. Add a new row with these following car information:
    • Brand - Ford
    • Model - Focus
    • Price - $25,540
  6. Remove the first row from the table after getting a user confirmation.

Late submission

Late assignments are accepted three more days after the due date. A 10% penalty will be applied for every day that an assignment is late to a maximum of 70%.