HTML代写:BN107 Audio and Video Editing and Website Creation


Purpose of the assessment:

The purpose of this assignment is to acquire skills of editing contents of audio and video and embed such audio and video in simple webpages.

Description of the assessment

This assignment consists of two parts: audio/video editing and website

  • Editing a video with soundtrack, based on video files provided to you and your own recorded audios of your ID numbers (for example when the clip of your first ID plays it should sound 1). Please note sample provided does not contain audio track
  • Creation of a small website incorporating the various media elements created in the assignment 1 and midterm test for this unit.

The following files are available in Moodle inside your respective unit folder (BN107/BN107D)

  • animationForA2.mp4 (a movie file consisting of short animations of each of the digits from 0 to 9)
  • bn107SampleT32016.mp4 (a sample of the of movie which needs to be created for part1 of this assignment)
  • sample screenshot of web pages for part 2. Please note the samples are only for samples and design of webpages can vary depending on your choice.

Part 1 - AV (Audio/Video) Editing

Using animationForA2.mp4 as source material, create a movie using Movie Maker Live containing the following elements:

  • A title screen consisting of white text on black background, with Movie Maker’s ‘Cinematic - Fade left’ effect listing the following information:
    • unit code and name o assignment number o your name
    • your student number

A series of animated clips extracted from animationForA2.mp4, arranged so as to display the digits of your student number in a sequence (exclude the prefix MIT). Each clip should be accompanied by the name of the digit being spoken (recorded by you), with the second and fourth and sixth digits being clearly louder than the other digits. You should use the following transitions between each clip, with each transition being as close to 1 second in length as possible:

  • 1st and 2nd digit: Filled V down
  • 2nd and 3rd digit: Diagonal Boxed out
  • 3rd and 4th digit: Dissolve rough
  • 4th and 5th digit: Page curl top-left
  • 5th and 6th digit: Heart

For Credits, again use white text on black background, listing the prouder, director, and stunt person yourself all in one frame. Provide Cinematic fade-right effect for the credit. For both credit and title please use any “Serif” Font that comes with Movie Maker.

Part 2 - Website

Create a website consisting of 5 pages, with the following navigation: Home, Digital Images, Digital Animation, Digital Audio and Video, Favorite Hobby. All pages should have the following features (using a consistent layout across all pages):

  • A non-white background color and a well-chosen legible text color (use the same color scheme for all 5 pages)
  • Horizontal/vertical menu as navigation.
  • None of the pages should contain links to themselves
  • Each page heading must match the page title (page heading may be a header 1 - h1).

The Home page (index.html) should also display the following details, in a bullet-point list:

  • Your name and student number
  • The unit code and name
  • The assignment number and its title (see above)
  • A ‘mailto’ link with your email address
    A 600 * 400px image with you in the foreground (you may shoot yourself against background of your choice). Ensure that image is not distorted.

The Digital Images page should have following components:

  • The collage produced for Assignment 1
  • A list of bullet-points on the topic “What I learnt in image editing h2” - these must be in your own words.

The Digital Animation page should display:

  • The animation produced for Assignment 1 - use HTML 5 embed tag (*.swf)
  • Explanation of the topic “Principles of animation h2” - must be in your own words.

The Digital Audio and Video page should display:

  • The video produced for part 1 of this assignment. Embed an HTML 5 video (yourId.mp4) using video tags, Please resize the video resolution to 600px * 400px
  • Explanation of the topic “Principles of Video Compression” - must be in your own words.

The Favorite Hobby page should display:

  • An embedded YouTube video link with snapshot of the video that represents your hobby - e.g. cycling, gardening or walking.
  • Write few points that fascinates you by your chosen hobby

Note: All the styling MUST be done using an external CSS.

Submission and marking process

Assignments should be submitted to the corresponding Moodle shell. Save the following and zip the folder and upload. The folder MUST contain:

  • all 5 HTML files and external CSS file
  • all media elements used in the website (collage, animation and movie)
  • your Movie Maker project file created in Part 1
  • your Word document (for BN107 students only)

Before submitting, carefully check if website functions to the expectation. There should not be any broken links (e.g. page not found error)

Assignments will be marked on the basis of fulfilment of the requirements, and the quality of the final product.

In addition to the marking criteria, marks may be deducted for failure to comply with the assignment requirements, including (but not limited to):

  • incomplete documentation
  • incomplete submissions (e.g. missing files)

Refer to the Unit Description for details of the policy on marking of late assignments. Any applications for extensions or special consideration should be made as early as possible, and in all cases prior to the submission deadline.