JSP代写:CS3014 Basic Web Application



Create a complete web based application which helps a user to manage his profile.

Feature List:

1) Ability for a registered user to log into the system, where the username and password is mentioned in the database.

2) Registration Fields. (All Fields Are required)

  • i. First Name
  • ii. Last Name
  • iii. User Name
  • iv. Password
  • v. Date of Birth
  • vi. Email
  • vii. Mobile Number


  • A. HTML 5 / JavaScript validation is REQUIRED for the above fields.
  • B. Registration Page will use Redirect to Login Page. (POST/REDIRECT/GET)
  • C. Any errors should display error message on same page.
    • a. If user already exists while registration (Registration page should display the correct error message)
    • b. Any System Error.

3) After logging into the application. User views the data,

  • i. Would be present if user entered information previously OR
  • ii. Would be blank if first login attempt or user deleted information.

4) Profile should contain the following category.

  • i. About Yourself
    • i. Lines about yourself
    • ii. Address Line 1
    • iii. Address Line 2/ Apt #
    • iv. City
    • v. State
    • vi. Zip
    • vii. Area of Interest (Check Boxes)
  • ii. Education Info (Required at least 1)
    • i. College Name
    • ii. Year (Drop-down)
    • iii. Degree Name (Graduate/Masters/PhD)
    • iv. GPA (Range from 1.0 to 4.0 / Percentage)
  • iii. Academic Project (Required at least 1)
    • i. Project Name
    • ii. Company Name
    • iii. Duration
        1. From Date - To Date
    • iv. Short Description
    • iv. Skill Set (Graphical output - Progress Bar as output)
      • i. Display 5 Languages (Range 0 - 10).
    • v. Places of Visited (Maps as output)
      • i. lat/lng
      • ii. Alternates are ok. ( Location Dropdown or .. )
    • vi. Any additional information also needs to be captured.

5) User should have the ability to save their data (Either at every step or final review).
Note: Save means persisting the changes to database.

6) User should have the ability to Delete their details while viewing the Information. (Username/Password should not be deleted)

7) Application Flow:

  • i. Registration would use (POST-REDIRECT-GET).
  • ii. User can Login in only after Registration.
  • iii. HTTP Session should be used to stored data. ( i.e session.setAttribute/session.getAttributes request.getSession(false)
  • iv. Each section on Pt. #3 will be on own page. (Multiple Page for each user input)
  • v. Final Display Page will use <jsp:include>
    • i. Header and Footer should use Directive include
    • ii. Rest of subsections should also be an include.
    • vi. Either at each Step save data to database or final review.
    • vii. Final Display Page should have the option to DELETE information.


  1. Create an MVC style application.
  2. Front Controller responsibility are.
    • a. Session Validation
    • b. Navigation Control. (To Page Controller)
      • i. _action (Button Action)
      • ii. _form ( Current Page)
  3. Page Controller responsibility

    • a. If Next/Save
      • i. Will save information into session
      • ii. Based on Logic will call DAO to save
      • iii. On SUCCESS will navigate to next Page
    • b. If Back
      • i. Will go to BACK Page.
  4. View, would be a JSP page.

  5. Model, this would represent the information in User Information(Bean) format to be displayed

  6. Database Responsibility (DAO - Data Access Objects)

    • a. DAO would interact with the database.
    • b. DAO would create a database session


a) No Late Submission.
b) TA will only assist in Tomcat/Eclipse and JSP/Servlet issues.
c) Any Student found copying or assisting other students by sharing will receive an F grade.