SQL代写:CS3014 Google Analytics Customer Revenue



This group project is to be completed using the data file (test.csv) and data description document (Google Analytics Customer Revenue Prediction.pdf). They are included in the zipped file that is attached to this item.

  1. Create a physical database in MongoDB and populate it fully with the data (explain your assumptions and reasons for creating the necessary collections)
  2. Write MongoDB code that will help you answer the questions assigned to your group
  3. You will submit screenshots of the output. Delayed submissions will not be accepted.
  4. You will conduct a walkthrough of the Mongo database and MongoDB code followed by Q&A in class

Please Note

Any evidence of copying code or screenshots from other groups will result in zero points for all groups involved. Failure to answer questions during Q&A about your code and screenshots will also result in significant reduction of your score even if there is no evidence of wrongdoing.


This is a group assignment. Each group member will get the same number of points. Please note the following.

  1. You have ONE attempt for this project. You have time to complete your response. No exceptions.
  2. All responses have to be submitted in elearning for this project. No email responses will be accepted.
  3. You will upload all code and results as part of your response. Prepare one document that contains your code and screenshots of the output. Submit one file that includes answers to all questions.
  4. You will conduct a walk-through of your code and output and I will ask questions about your database, data loading process, your queries, and output.

20% of the points will be for clarity of output. In the data model, your assumptions and normalization level should be described. In the source code, each of your queries must be clearly translated and commented to help me understand how you have answered each question being asked. During the walkthrough, I will ask questions and your answers are expected to be direct and to the point with regards to the code. My questions will strictly be based on your submissions. If your code does not work, I will ask questions to help me understand why you think it is not working. If the MongoDB code works, I will ask questions to help me understand why you think the Mongo code works.

Answer any 7 out of 8 (no more and no less than 7) questions shown below.Provide screen shot containing translation, sql query and results for each question. Include all screen shots in one document.

  1. Which user had the minimum number of visits and when?
  2. Which operating system (devices) was the most popular amongst store visitors with mobile devices?
  3. Which date had the least and most number of visitors?
  4. Users of which operating system were the least socially engaged?
  5. Provide a breakdown of unique visitors by mobile vs nonmobile users
  6. How many users used only iOS devices to visit the store?
  7. Which user generated the least amount of hits and when?
  8. Visitors from which country visted the store more than once?