ASP.NET代写:CS317 e-commerce Website



The task is to produce a database driven e-commerce website that sells a range of electronic gadgets/books. The web site should provide a list of available items in different categories. This website has to show evidence of using the following general requirements and techniques.

  • Display menu items along with appropriate descriptions in an accompanying details page.
  • Users can add an item to a shopping basket. However, you are not expected to deal with the payment processing.
  • Users should have to register to the site in order to create an account.
  • Users should be able to login, update their details and view other appropriate information in their account section.
  • System administrator should be able to add/delete menu items and categories.
  • System administrators should be able to perform account management; adding/deleting users, changing/retrieving passwords.

Your submission should include a report on the design and implementation of the site. The report page(s) should include:

  • Diagrams detailing your design with appropriate critique and discussion. These diagrams may include concept maps, storyboards, hierarchical task diagrams etc.
  • A discussion of the design challenges encountered with appropriate relation to academic theory to justify the points being made. Nielsen’s design heuristics may be used in this section for example.

Your completed site should be demonstrated to your lab tutor and be prepared to talk about your site functionality and implementation. The entire site must be submitted on Dropbox folder on NOW.

The demonstration will be after your submission during your lab sessions. The exact time of the demonstration will be informed in due course.


  • Email submissions are not accepted.
  • Links to external databases are NOT accepted and it will not be considered for marking your coursework.
  • For images, please use online resources to download images of your choice. You are not required to seek the owner’s permission (the content of your site should not be published outside the university network).
  • You are NOT allowed to use commercial or freeware shopping cart for this coursework.

Late submission of assessed coursework will not be tolerated. Late work will need to be submitted complete with an extenuating circumstance sheet and must be discussed with lab tutor prior to the deadline. Any work submitted late (maximum one week) without good cause can only achieve a maximum grade of a low 3rd. Work submitted over one week late may not be marked at all and result in a fail grade.

If username and password are required to access some pages (as a user or admin), please make sure that you have included these details in the main page.

Assessment Criteria

Please refer to the marking scheme grid for a detailed breakdown of the marks available within this coursework. The following will be generally assessed;

  • Overall Look and finish of the site (10%)
  • Products page generated from a relevant database (20%)
  • User accounts (20%)
  • Shopping cart functionality (15%)
  • Administrator page/s (15%)
  • Report (10%)
  • Demonstration (10%)