Hardware代写:EE28622 Mastery Checklist

代写硬件作业,熟悉ATMega328P AVR处理器。


  • To familiarise with the ATMega328P AVR microcontroller architecture through Atmel AVR on Microsoft Visual Code
  • To familiarize with electrical schematics and peripheral module wiring using the DXK
  • Apply basic concepts and understanding of the AVR microcontroller by programming in C
  • Gain experience in interfacing with AVR architecture through the Arduino Uno

Assignment 2 - PIC Microcontroller

  • The assignment is split into two sections
    • i. Part A - Mastery Checklist
    • ii. Part B - AVR Arduino Program Application
    • iii. Part C - Reflection

Required Equipment

  • Software Requirements
    • You will need a computer/laptop with the following software installed with extensions:
      • Microsoft Visual Code
        • C/C++ (Microsoft)
        • PlatformIO IDE (PlatformIO) with Atmel AVR platform
  • Hardware Requirements
    • You will need the following hardware:
      • DXK Arduino Uno

Part A - Mastery Checklist

  • The demonstration will have a time limit of 2 minute. Any student unable to complete the mastery checklist within 2 minutes will have to re-demonstrate at another time.
  • The program application will be programmed using C programming language.
  • The template for Assignment 2 is available on UTS Online. Please use the template for the assessment. The only file students are required to change is main.c.
  • This task is worth 3%.

Mastery Task

  • You need to write a while loop which toggles between Red, Green, or Blue colour on the
    RGB LED using the toggle function of the joystick peripheral module. (R-]G-]B-]R-])
  • No libraries other than <avr/io.h> and <util/delay.h> can be used.
  • The demonstration will require students to point to where they obtained the assigned pin to control the LED, including the datasheet if necessary. They should also be able to discuss certain aspects of the Arduino Uno board, their code, and their wiring of the peripheral modules to the Arduino Uno board.
  • This is an INDIVIDUAL ASSESSMENT and will be marked as below.
  • Refer to video on UTS Online for example output.

Marking Scheme - Assignment 2

Possible marks for Assignment 2: 25%

Students with difficulty meeting assessment requirements

Students who experience signification difficulty, or anticipate that they will experience significant difficulty in meeting assessment requirements must submit an “Application for
Special Consideration form” to the Registrar before the due date of the assessment item. Significant difficulty means:

  • Serious illness or psychological condition
  • Loss or bereavement
  • Hardship/trauma

Note also that students may apply for special consideration because of illness or other circumstances (not work related) beyond their control. The “Application for Special Consideration form” has a section that must be filled in by a doctor, counsellor or other relevant professional authority. A medical certificate alone is not adequate and will not be accepted.

Note that it is up to the students to provide adequate information about their circumstances. University staff will not chase additional information and the Subject Coordinator has the right to reject applications that lack sufficient information.

It is the student’s responsibility to contact the Subject Coordinator to find out what action has been taken and to obtain details of any additional assessment required or learning and assessment special arrangements.

For further details please refer to section 4.6 of the “Coursework Assessment Policy and Procedures Manual”.