JavaScript代写:CS337 FHIR




Design a web app (with preferred languages, usually JS) for patients to collectively manage their prescriptions from different sources utilizing FHIR and/or Smart on FHIR (Use DSTU2 FHIR servers, which can be found in FHIR resource page and Smart on FHIR resource page). Use Docker and Drone to deploy the program to HDAP (Health Data Analytics Platform). One can also choose to use Smart on FHIR to deploy, although Docker and Drone is preferred.

Use Case

  1. General log in and registration page (see cases in resource #2 and #3);
  2. Asking for profile information (name, gender, age etc. as user input; prefill this for test case) and asking for permission to read medical data from FHIR server (see cases in resource #3).
  3. Using the patient name to search on FHIR server and to fetch all relevant prescriptions/medications that the patient has (see resource #2). This can be easily done through relevant FHIR API. It would be the best to include the data of prescription and the healthcare provider who prescribed the drugs. This is the most important feature to complete.
  4. Allow patients to personally add, change and delete drugs that are not prescribed (like OTC drugs) to the prescription/medication list (drug names and rxNorm numbers can be easily found with the API and databases).
  5. Detect contraindications/reactant group (like drug-drug interaction) by checking FHIR resource and display them as alerts to the patient. This can be done using FHIR API.
  6. Allow patient to click on each drug that is prescribed to obtain drug information. This is similar to #4 and #5, which should be able to pull from relevant databases and API.
  7. A general help page for patients to submit questions/bugs etc.


  1. A deployed app that is functional for patients. (Use 1 patient as an example to demonstrate the capability).
  2. Manual to describe detailed deployment procedure.
  3. Manual to describe each function of the app.

Useful resources

Files of a successfully deployed case study (as shown in the YouTube above).

Configured Docker and Drone files that need to be modified in order to deploy to HDAP.

Special notes: To check the successfulness of deployment process with the Docker/Drone option would require encrypted access to the system, which may not be shared. The Docker/Drone files need to be updated offline so that the deployment can be tested when all components have been completed.

Simple UI can be used. There is no need to be fancy.