HTML代写:CS100 Regina Website



Assignment description

Using the design prototypes you created in assignment 1 as a guideline, you will complete your personal University of Regina (UR) website. You will be graded on how close the prototypes you developed in assignment 1 match your completed UR website, and your use of CSS in applying your design. As part of the assignment requirements you will be revising the layout of design.html to include an experience report on the transformation process, i.e. you will describe your experiences in transforming your website to your envisioned prototype designs, i.e. what worked based on how you envisioned your design after assignment 1, what did you need to change (if any), were the prototypes useful in guiding your design, etc. Your completed website will also be graded for its usability, i.e. is it easy to navigate through the pages/sections on your website, aesthetics, i.e. did you use appropriate colour-schemes, consistency of layout, etc. Finally, you will also be graded on the content of the five discussion questions you have chosen, i.e. images used (if any), paragraph description highlighting each questions, and references used in developing your paragraph descriptions.


  • The transformation of your prototype designs into a completed UR website
  • A revamped design.html page that discusses your experiences transforming your website to your envisioned prototype designs
  • Content completion of the 5 discussion questions chosen in assignment 1, complete with references

Detailed requirements

  1. Transformation of your design prototypes
    • Using the design prototypes you created as part of the requirements for assignment 1, you will attempt your best to transform your index.html, cs100.html, and pageX.html pages accordingly using HTML and styling with CSS style (external style sheet) of those pages. 2. A revamped design.html page
    • Using a 2 column table layout and a similar design (colours, fonts, layout, etc.) as used in your index.html, you are to revise this page so that the end result incorporates a table, as illustrated in the following prototype:
  2. Addition of content to your discussion questions
    • For each discussion question, add content (and an image/video where applicable) that describes and highlights the question. (2-4 paragraphs, with 3-4 sentences minimum in each paragraph)
    • For each discussion question, you must include at least 2 references
      • You should include at least one book/journal reference, one web reference, and one image reference
      • If using wikipedia or course text book, a minimum of 4 references are needed, a minimum of 5 references are needed if using both wikipedia and the course textbook

For the first 3-4 grading criteria below, as per the assignment criteria, the student must provide a paragraph describing their experiences in transforming their lo-fi prototypes into working/functional designs (in design.html). If the design is not consistent with the prototypes as designed in assignment1, the student needs to provide a detailed explanation, i.e. why didn’t the envisioned design work, etc.

  • Prototype matches completed index.html
  • Prototype/prototype description matches completed cs100.html
  • Prototype/prototype description matches completed pageX.html
  • design.html revamping as outlined in the requirements. The design and layout should be consistent with that of the students’ index.html page (colours, fonts, etc.)
  • All styling with a CSS style. You must use external style sheets to deal with styles in your assignment pages. You may place all of your styling in a single style sheet that is used by all of your pages or you can use multiple style sheets. The markers must be able to see the style sheet(s) used by each of your pages. At the end of each page, include a link labelled “Style sheet source” to the style sheet.
  • Content provided for the 5 discussion questions with appropriate references as outlined in the assignment criteria.