NodeJS代写:CSE2WDC Neverwrote



You have been hired by a client to develop a new web service, “Neverwrote”, for managing virtual notes “Never say ‘I never wrote that down’ ever again!”. Having heard of the latest and greatest in web technologies, your client specifies that the backend shall run on a Node.js server, and that the frontend shall be built with React. “That’s strange, those are exactly the same things that I learnt in CSE2WDC” you think to yourself as you boot up your computer and get ready to start work.

Submission Details

  • Zip up everything in your project directory into one file.
  • Submit your zipped file via LMS

Your final submission must run in a clean virtual machine after invoking docker-compose up, as this is the environment that we will be using to mark your assignment.

Demo Implementation

To help you understand about what an implementationof Neverwrote might look like, I will upload the video in the assignment page. Be sensible and don’t put up personal information or inappropriate content in your database.


  • To combine what you’ve learnt in labs into a complete web application
  • To provide you with a reference web application for future projects

Getting started

There is a template for the assignment project available for you on LMS. Download this zip file and use it asa starting point for your assignment. Be sure to commit and push regularly to avoid losing any of your work as you develop.

You will find more specific information about the project structure in the file.

Part 1 - Backend API

You will find “Lab 07 - Backend” to be particularly useful as a reference for this part.

Task 1.1

Create a REST interface for the Neverwrote backend database. The database has two tables, one called Notebooks and one called Notes.

  • Records from the Notebooks table contain the attribute title (string).
  • Records from the Notes table contain the attributes title (string) and content (text).
  • All tables have a primary key column called id.
  • Records from the Notes table are associated with Notebooks in a many-to-one configuration using the foreign key notebookId.


  • The backend shall expose the following REST API:
HTTP action Description
GET /notebooks Returns a list of all notebooks (does not include notes). This endpoint has been created for you already.
GET /notebooks/:notebookId/notes Returns a list of all notes for a particular notebook.
POST /notebooks Creates a new notebook using the posted data. Returns the new notebook.
GET /notebooks/:notebookId Returns a single notebook by ID.
DELETE /notebooks/:notebookId Deletes a single notebook by ID. All of the notebook’s notes shall be deleted also. Returns an empty object, {}.
PUT /notebooks/:notebookId Updates the attributes of a particular notebook. Returns the updated notebook.
GET /notes Returns a list of all notes.
POST /notes Creates a new note using the posted data. The notebookId attribute shall specify which notebook it belongs to. Returns the new note.
GET /notes/:noteId Returns a single note by ID.
DELETE /notes/:noteId Deletes a single note by ID. Returns an empty object, {}.
PUT /notes/:noteId Updates the attributes of a particular note. Returns the updated note.
  • The tests shall pass. This is a very helpful tool, as you can verify that you are on track as you complete this part of the assignment. You can run the tests with: docker-compose run --rm api jasmine
    • You shall not modify the tests in the spec/ directory
  • The API shall access the database (and accept values from the HTTP request where appropriate). The REST API shall not use hard-coded values for notes or notebooks.

Part 2 - Frontend interface

You will find “Lab 08 - Frontend” to be particularly useful as a reference for this part. I have also prepared a stripped-back React/Redux code example which you may find useful to look at for ideas.

Don’t forget that you need to have Gulp running (docker-compose run –rm frontend gulp) for your frontend code to be compiled as you work.

Task 2.1

Create a read-only web interface for the Neverwrote application which displays notebooks and notes from the database. The code template provided for the assignment is currently set up to display notebooks from hardcoded dummy data only.


  • There shall be a view which lists the titles of all of the notebooks.
  • Clicking on a notebook shall display a list of all of the titles of notes within that notebook.
  • Clicking on a note shall show the full content of that note.

Task 2.2

Allow users to create and delete notes and notebooks via the web interface.


  • Users shall be able to create and delete notes and notebooks.
  • The state of the application shall be maintained in a Redux store.
  • All changes to the Redux store shall be made via dispatched actions.
  • Modifications to notebooks and notes shall be persisted in the backend database via the REST API. Therefore changes should survive a page refresh.
  • You shall use the MarkdownEditor component provided for you as the way to write note content. This is not much different from using a normal text field.
  • You shall use two Redux reducers: one for the notebooks and one for the notes.

Task 2.3

Make the user interface pretty and nice to use. Feel free to use the Internet for inspiration.

Bootstrap v3.3.6 is already included as a dependency of the project, and defines a bunch of nicelooking CSS classes which you can use out-of-the-box. Check out the documentation at to see what’s available (in particular the CSS and Components pages).

Part 3 - Bonus task

These bonus tasks are an opportunity for you to earn back marks which you may lose in the other parts of the assignment.

Implement a search system for the frontend interface.

  • 10 marks will be awarded for search functionality within a notebook (filtering based on title and content). This can be purely client-side (in the browser).
  • The rest of the marks will be awarded for a separate ability to search across all notes and notebooks based on title and content. This shall be implemented via a new API endpoint (so the searching happens in the backend).