C++代写:INFO1156 Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics



Project Description

Create a Visual Studio C17 console application to compile the following statistics on a list of real numbers:

For the following formulae is the datum, is the dataset, where ( is an element of ).

Metric Formula
Number of values The count of the elements in the dataset.
Minimum value The value that is less than or equal to all values in the set.
Maximum value The value that is greater than or equal to all values in the set.
Range The range of values of the dataset.
Statistical median The middle value of a sorted data set of odd length, or the arithmetic mean of the two closest values to the middle of a sorted data set of even length.
Arithmetic mean The sum of all the values divided by the number of values.
Variance The mean of the squared differences of each sample from the arithmetic mean.
Standard deviation The square root of the variance.
Frequency table A table listing the interval, and the count of data set values in that interval, and the percentage of the dataset represented by count of that interval.
Quintiles population means A quintile is a grouping of the sorted data by fifths (first 20%, second 20%, etc.) The quintile population mean is the population mean of one quintile of the data set.
Outliers Report the number of outliers for both two and three standard deviations from the mean. Count high and low outlier separately.

Your program must handle any length of list (potentially billions!) The list will be input (or piped) from the console, or read from a file. The list is terminated with end-of-stream (^Z, or ^D on Linux) or the word end. Bad input is to be skipped. Sample input lists are posted on FOL.

Keep the output clean and minimal. A sample output file is posted on FOL.

You will have to sort the data to compute the median and are to implement your own sort. Your grade is dependent upon the sorting algorithm that you choose (to get full marks, implement the quick, merge sort or heap sort). Sorting algorithms can be found at GATS Companion to Searching and Sorting.

A sample of the executable, input file format and output file format are posted on FOL. Your output should be formatted as the output file. All statistics numbers calculated should be displayed to 3 decimal places, where applicable. You should create more input files to verify that all your statistics are done properly.

Grading Criteria

Input Requirements

  • Reads double precision real numbers
  • Terminates input on EOF
  • Doesn’t handle any size data set (array is NOT heap allocated)
  • Skips bad inputs (only terminates on ‘end’ or EOF)
  • Input from keyboard
  • Input from file named on command line
  • Reports bad filename

Statistics Requirements

  • Number of values reported
  • Minimum value correctly reported in all cases
  • Maximum value correctly reported in all cases
  • Range value correctly reported in all cases
  • Mean correctly reported in all cases
  • Median correctly reported in all cases
  • Population variance correctly reported in all cases
  • Population standard deviation correctly reported in all cases

Frequency Table Requirements (must complete statistics first)

  • Group labels
  • Minimum and Maximum ranges
  • Count is displayed and correct
  • Percentage is displayed and correct

Quintile Requirements

  • Group labels
  • Quintile population means are correct.
  • Reported range is correct
  • means column width adjust dynamically

Outlier Requirements

  • Output is clearly formated
  • counts are correct (3x, 2x / low, high)
  • Reports “no outlier” when appropriate

Non-functional requirements

  • Sort is: bubble
  • Sort is: insertion sort
  • Sort is: qsort
  • Sort is: quick/merge/heap
  • Sort is: Bogo/Bozo
  • Labels are not left justified
  • Values are not right justified
  • Values are not rounded to 3 decimal places
  • Frequency table code is contained in a function
  • Multi-file solution


  • Penalties from C & C++ Grading Guide v2.3.0
  • Late submission

Submission Requirements

  1. Submit entire Visual Studio project directory to Fanshawe Online
    • a. Delete all debug and release directories.
    • b. Submit in a .ZIP, .7z archive file.