Java代写:CS212 Hangman



Project Guidelines

  • All user interaction should take place through GUI (input and output)
  • User should be allowed to choose a text file using a file selector to take word list
  • A word should be randomly selected using the parsed list
  • Your GUI should have some visual hangman, an area with the placeholder for the word and also track wrong letter guesses
  • Prevent guessing a word of wrong length or a non-alphabetic character (make them guess again without penalty)
  • After finishing the game prompt, the user on whether or not they want to continue

Game Rules

  • The user gets six tries to make guesses (head, 2 arms, body, 2 legs)
  • Each guess the user can either guess a single character or a word.
  • A wrong guess uses a try and causes a part of the hangman to appear


  • Commenting and Naming - Commenting and proper naming of variables and objects shows me that you know what you are doing and more importantly it makes your code readable which is vital to being a professional programmer working with other programmers.
  • Proper Implementation of Game - This will assess your implementation of the game, how well you implement the rules in your program
  • GUI implementation - How well designed is your GUI? How well do you integrate JOptionPane and elements in your main window?
  • Other Logic - Logic for choosing a random word, parsing text file etc
  • Aesthetic - How good does your UI look, any creativity will also be noticed here

Instant 0

  • Program does not compile
  • Program has no GUI
  • Program does not follow first four points under guidelines (should follow all points but the first four are the most important

Attached with this document is an example exe of a hangman game along with a sample text file you can use for testing, Note the txt file must be in the same directory as the exe for the game to work. The example given is just an example, the word file for testing will be similar format but not the same size, and also this program is purely command line and has some features that are not required by you